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We're monitoring the impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus around the world.

We understand that you will have questions about your delivery and your plans may change.

As things stand, Move My Baggage is still in operation, moving goods and belongings internationally. There are a number of important measures in place and contingencies designed to deal with the evolving situation outlined here. We are monitoring updates very closely and updating these details accordingly.


What we do in less than a minute

About us: movemybaggage is part of the European partner network of Baggage Hub. With offices in Dubai, the United States, the UK, and Rotterdam, international deliveries can be processed, checked and delivered quickly. This makes our service, simple, fast and affordable.

Benefits of move my baggage

Movemybaggage works via a door-to-door service. Delivery of your items can go via land, sea, or air, you decide how your package is shipped. This means that the delivery of almost every item is possible. Even the supply of cardboard for your package is available.
From anywhere to everywhere and whenever you want it. This because we have the option of timed collection and delivery. With an easy track and trace service for the shipments, you can easily see where your belongings are. Through great customer service and speedy transit times, the delivery of your items or package is ensured. Our partner network will carefully execute your national or international box delivery.

For whom is our service?

Students: Starting an overseas education, moving abroad or going on an international adventure? Things can get stressful. Studying is much more than just going to school. Where will I live? How will I make friends? When will all this paperwork be done? These are thoughts many students have. Therefore, we understand that you don’t want to worry about moving your belongings. It is already stressful enough. Let us help you with this part of your journey. You decide what you want to bring on your adventure, then it’s just making an online quotation and before you know it your items are picked up and shipped to your destination.

Expats: Going abroad for work is a great opportunity to learn new skills, new people and to travel the world. Moving to a new country will have you encounter new norms of cultural conduct, business ethics, as well as other possible unexpected differences which can be very difficult for you. Besides all these differences, there is a lot of extra to be arranged. Consider, for example, finding a house or learning a new language. We can help you and take away some concerns and help with your move. This can all be arranged through the convenience of your home. Select the products that you want to ship, where you want to ship them and when. Then we ensure that it will arrive on time.

Private individuals: Just interested in shipping some of your belongings? Whatever you are doing anything is possible. Whether you want to send something to family or are you going on a long journey. We like to help you to meet your wishes. Fill in the estimate and get a quote for the move of your belongings. You pack your items; we collect them and ensure that it is sent soon. In the meantime, you can track your belongings without any worries.

Movemybaggage provides a simple and fast solution for everyone to ship boxes and small personal items to over 200 countries worldwide. You pack it, we collect it and ship it.

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